User’s Guide (for 1 painting, 1 chair, 1 eye)

Uwe Gräbner, 2003

 1. Find the painting.
 2. Take your seat.
 3. Shut your mouth.
 4. Trust the instructions.
 5. Distrust the painting.
 6. Lean forward slightly; maintain this position.
 7. Keep your eye open.
 8. Wait, the painting is getting ready.
 9. Take a long, hard look.
10. Fondle the details.
11. Now stand up.
12. Stare at your chair.
13. Your temples have greyed.
14. Step outside.
15. Tear off your clothes.
16. Lie down; your navel should point towards the centre of the earth.
17. Spread your arms and legs wide.
18. You will feel the curve of the earth.
19. Be silent.